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Plan your next event with us! 

Plan you next event

A team-building idea? A fundraiser? A break-out session during a conference or a seminar? 

An activity for a kid camp? Or an after-school program? 

A workshop at an exhibition or a festival? 

A friend's gathering? A private Sip'N'Knit? 

Any other need? 

Knitting is good for you, your loved and the planet. 

Knitting is for everyone and does not discriminate in any shape or form. 

So, it's THE perfect, original, mindful, challenging yet safe activity to plan! 

Brooknit Bonneterie is here for you! Always! 

Fill out the form below with your vision, wishes, and details. 

We will reply with a crafted proposal to meet your needs! 


What kind of event?
Who will participate?
Who do we speak with?

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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