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Circular needles

Circular needles

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Circular needles are the ones we use and recommend the most because they are convenient for circular knitting, and you can use them for flat knitting. 

Why do we like them so much: 

- Easier on the go: carrying your knitting work everywhere? the needles themselves are generally shorter, so, it is easier to tuck your work in a bag. 

- They stay together and your work can safely remain on the cable between the needles as you move. 

- You can knit quite large pieces leveraging the length of the cable. 

We carry two sizes US 10 (6mm) and US 8 (5mm) & 2 materials: Bamboo and Aluminium, that are in use for our kits. 

Bamboo or Aluminium? The choice of the material is really up to your preference.

Little opinion (can't help...):

B - Bamboo - Beginner

A - Aluminium - Advanced

Bamboo is probably more suitable for beginners with better control of the stitches, though the Aluminium ones are a bit more slippery, so more suited for faster knitters. 

Our needle brands and sources may vary depending on stock availability, but we carefully test and purchase for you the ones we actually like!  


For other sizes or material, please reach out, and we will do our best to help you find the best option! 

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