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Information about our color selection and palette

Our Colors

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams"

- P. Gauguin.

A color might remind you of a sunset, a walk in the woods, a childhood favorite snack, your favorite, or a loved one's favorite. Color is a vibration that we individually perceive and respond to differently, like music. We have conscious or unconscious bonds with each of them. Our palette is made of a selection that we love, carrying an emotional charge, a souvenir, a feeling. We cannot rank them so we display them as a wheel, no first, no last. We believe our palette represents a diversity of tastes and is versatile enough to go through the time and please the very young eyes as well as the less young souls. Our palette may evolve and we are very interested in hearing from you about color suggestions, so feel free to ask for a particular color. We will be happy to evaluate the addition to the palette. Because in the end, "the best color in the world is the one that looks good on you" Coco Chanel (can't disagree with the Queen of Paris, can we? ). Here is our palette and description of each color.

BKB Slate yarn
BKB Sunflower yarn
BKB Meringue yarn
BKB Foggy Lake arn
BKB Cinnamon yarn
BKB Peacock yarn
BKB Cotton Candy yarn


At the end of the Summer, the sunflower petals are a little toasted, with a little bit of dust from the dry grounds carried by the hot winds.


The fluffy natural color of this undyed yarn evokes the famous little puff of sugary air. 


The neutral hue of the row rock is an evocation of the protective and durable use of the rocks, from the roof over our heads to paving the way for our paths in life.

Foggy Lake

In the dawn hours by the lake, when the fog sits over the water reserving the surprises of a new day. 


The warm kiss comforts the soul on the chilliest day. The sign of change in the Fall as the leaves illuminate the forest. 


The bright teal color catches the eyes like the wheel of the peacock displaying its colored feathers in its majestic dance. 

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy contains all the sweetness of the world in this exquisite and dreamy cloud of light and soft pink.

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