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BKB SKEINS of merino wool


Magical, yet natural properties of the Merino wool

Our yarn is 100% Merino wool – superwash. 


We make a big deal of using this type of wool. Our obsession comes with reasons. Several reasons!

We will not publish here a complete study but we want to share and highlight some of the key benefits.


So, Merino wool is a type of wool that comes from a breed of sheep...


               Wait for it… 

                                     the MERINO !

                                                             Quite the surprise here!

They are present all around the world nowadays and grow very fine and soft wool.

Right, it is soft, and that means the garments are comfortable to wear, and the knitting is enjoyable and smooth. It is also non-allergenic. All sources and studies run in the past 100 years have confirmed the non-allergenic property: none reported on Merino wool, EVER.  Some studies even resulted in recommendations to wear Merino wool over other fibers, as improving atopic dermatitis conditions.

This natural fiber is also resistant and easy to care for. It does not require to be washed often and it is naturally equipped to resist bacteria and prevent odors retention. Unlike synthetic fabric, such as acrylic, which tends to retain odors, 100% Merino wool fibers will resist it, and a simple airing out will make them fly away.

For small stains, a little bit of water and soap gently on the area will do wonders. And when you decide to wash the piece, you can place it in your washing machine (cool/cold water; delicate/wool program) and lay it flat to dry.

Merino wool is a natural thermo-regulator – incredible, I know!

When it is cold, wool is warm. So far, that’s quite what everyone knows.

The Merino wool does not retain moisture. So, unlike other fibers (even cotton), the humidity will be driven away, keeping you dry and cozy. Humidity is removed, so it prevents overheating, and the temperature will remain regulated, so it can be worn year around.

Being resistant and stretchy, it will last for a long time and get back into shape easily.

The superwash treatment is a special bath that will make the wool even smoother and enhance the anti-static and anti-plush properties. 


Our yarn is purchased in the USA, from a small business in the State of New York: Yarn Designs Unlimited, LLC in Schoharie Country, NY. The company was founded in 2006 by Kelly and Jon Shultes. When Kelly was a young child, she spent many hours with her Great Aunt, who passed on her passion for quilting to Kelly. Side by side at her table, she taught her the importance of details and guided her in developing her skills. Kelly's interests expanded to weaving and dying, driven by the desire to create unique and custom pieces of fiber art. In 2001, Kelly pursued further her love for fiber and her desire to stay at home to raise her children. Yarn Designs Unlimited is the result of blending those aspirations, and they are constantly looking into new opportunities, trying new techniques, to meet the evolving demands of their clients, and create beautiful fiber. In 2019, they moved to a new studio. Sustainability and being environmentally conscious are critical considerations to their business model and they constantly explore better ways to be part of a solution. 

The wool of the dyed colors comes from sheep in South Africa, small and sustainable businesses. The wool is then prepared at the mill and dyed in the state of New York, USA.

Our undyed wool (Meringue) comes from American Merino sheeps, our homebodies going through life without a passport.

BKB Merino sheep
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