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Baby in hand-knitted cocoon in Peacock by Brooknit Bonneterie

Handknitted Cocoon for gentle swaddling baby

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Handknit Cocoon for gentle swaddling baby are available in a limited series of HAND-KNITTED COCOONS. 

The cocoon provides gentle and safe swaddling to the baby, with a permanent feeling of contact all around them, without the physical restraints of traditional swaddling.

It contains the movements, like the awakening startling Moro reflex, while providing some range of gesture: accessing their hands for discovery, stretching their legs, and small rotations of neck and head, so critical for their motor developments, gain of control and balance.

The natural properties of our 100% Super Wash Merino wool provide the benefits of a natural thermo-regulation, a soft, anti-plush, hypoallergenic texture on the most sensitive skin.


They are available in any of the 7 colors of our palette.


Those cocoons have been hand-knitted by Julie Lagaüzère, principal at Brooknit Bonneterie LLC, in a pet-free, smoke free environment. They have been controlled "one stitch at a time", and washed according to the care specifications. 

They are good-to-go and ready for gently swaddling!! 


You'd rather knit it yourself? Take it as kit! 


Pick the shade
  • What is included?

    The package contains the following items: 

    - the cocoon - in the color of your choice. 

    - the cocoon card - with all the explanations

    - 2 no-iron fabric labels to add the baby's name (ideal to put on the back of the cloth label)

    - 1 little card for a keepsake or if you knit and gift!

    All items are stored in a cotton drawstring bag. It can also be re-used as a wash bag to protect the item in the washing machine.

  • Care

    Good news: the Super Wash 100% Merino is machine washable! Pick the delicate or wool program, use a wool detergent, cold temperature. 

    Just lay flat to dry (preferably on a towel) and VOILA!

    Gravity on wet wool is not a friend here and will cause distortions in the garment. 

    For small stains, you can gently use a little bit of soap and water. 

    And remember, Merino wool is a natural fiber and you don't need to wash often. Unpleasant odors can naturally fly away by simply airing out the garment for a couple of hours (weather permitting obviously!). 

  • Double the love!

    Whether you are expecting a pair, 

    Or someone in your circles is, 

    Or you simply can't decide between 2 colors... 

    We have a surprise for you! 

    The code "TWINNING" will automatically be applied at check-out for 2 hand-knitted cocoons, giving a $50 discount! 

    ** Each cocoon will have a special price of $160 instead of $185. Cocoons will ship in a single package together when ready. 

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