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Kit - Headbands

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This kit is made for the learners! 

You can be a (super)-beginner, or have started to learn already, or if you are simply looking for quick projects, regardless of your skills. 

Those headbands are designed for flat knitting and to be close when you reach the desired length. 

4 main designs are explained, starting from a very easy one in garter, an easy one in garter and stockinette, a ribby one, and one with cables.

Learn at your own pace how to knit them.

3 ways of closing are also explained: flat, button, and twist. 

You can access the videos to find the tutorials and how-to if you have any doubts. 

You can mix & match, and be creative. 


Color Palette information

Choose the format you prefer for your yarn! 

-  Single color = 1 full cake (4oz): pick your shade 1, select NA-solo in shade 2

- Two colors = 2 half-cakes (2x2oz): pick your shade 1, pick your shade 2


Which needles? In a nutshell: 

A - Aluminium - Advanced

B - Bamboo - Beginner

More info here


Pattern only? This way! 


Pick the shade 1
Pick the shade 2
  • Inside the Kit

    This Kit contains: 

    - 1 cake of yarn. Prepared by our own hands so you have the right amount for knitting up to 4 headbands (3 if all adults size). 

    - Explanations and pattern documents: all the instructions to follow step by step, and QR code to direct and on-point videos.

    - 1 tapestry needle: The small essential to finish by weaving the ends. 

    - 1 cable needle. The little piece of magic when you're ready for cables.

    - 4 cloth labels to be sewn.

    - 4 little cards for a keepsake or if you knit and gift! 

    Need circular needles? We've got you! Select the option and we will pack them in the kit!

    All items are stored into cotton drawstring bags. The larger one with the yarn can also be used as a wash bag to protect the item in the washing machine.

  • Care

    Good news: the Super Wash 100% Merino is machine washable! Pick the delicate or wool program, use a wool detergent, cold temperature. 

    Just lay flat to dry (preferably on a towel) and VOILA!

    Gravity on wet wool is not a friend here and will cause distortions in the garment. 

    For small stains, you can gently use a little bit of soap and water. 

    And remember, Merino wool is a natural fiber and you don't need to wash often. Unpleasant odors can naturally fly away by simply airing out the garment for a couple of hours (weather permitting obviously!). 

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