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BKB Easy Duo Beanie and cowl in Slate - adult - worn right side

Kit Easy Duo

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The Easy Duo kit is beginner-friendly. With one cake of the color of your choice, you can knit two pieces of your choice with the two easy patterns for a beanie and a cowl. 

You can also make 2 beanies*, or 2 cowls;

Keep it all for you. You deserve it! Gift it! 

Go matchy-matchy with your BFF! Make it a Mommy & me, Daddy-Daughter, Father & son... Granny ;  Papi ; Tia ; Zio ; Marraine... no limit! 

This duo will not take long to bring the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. 

They are light-weight items that are easy to tuck in your pockets or bags and ideal to have at hand when there are 4 seasons in a day and you just need a little warm-up and protection. 



Color Palette information


Which needles? In a nutshell: 

A - Aluminium - Advanced

B - Bamboo - Beginner

More info here


Pattern only? This way! 


(*) for 2 adults size beanies, you may add half a cake or yarn to your order. 

Pick the shade
  • Inside the Kit

    - 1 cake of yarn. Made just right by our own hands so you have the right amount for knitting in one piece, and no need to join balls of yarn!

    - Explanations and pattern documents: all the instructions to follow step by step. 

    - 1 tapestry needle. The small essential to finish the cocoon by weaving the ends. 

    - 5 stitch markers. Never too many of those! 

    - 1 marker row counter. So helpful to track your progress. 

    - 2 cloth labels to be sewn.

    - 2 no-iron fabric labels to add the name (ideal to put on the back of the cloth label)

    - 2 little card for a keepsake or if you knit and gift! 

    All items are stored in cotton drawstring bags. The larger one, containing the yarn, can also be used as a wash bag to protect the item in the washing machine. 

  • Care

    Good news: the Super Wash 100% Merino is machine washable! Pick the delicate or wool program, use a wool detergent, cold temperature. 

    Just lay flat to dry (preferably on a towel) and VOILA!

    Gravity on wet wool is not a friend here and will cause distortions in the garment. 

    For small stains, you can gently use a little bit of soap and water. 

    And remember, Merino wool is a natural fiber and you don't need to wash often. Unpleasant odors can naturally fly away by simply airing out the garment for a couple of hours (weather permitting obviously!). 

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