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BKB Meli-Melo shawl in Slate - worn - side view

Kit Shawl - Meli-Melo

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The Meli-Melo shawl is a lightweight, cozy shawl that will provide just the right amount of warmth and comfort in any season. 

It is quite a long project that will probably keep your hands busy for a few weeks. 

The techniques are pretty simple, but the changes in texture and stitches keep it interesting.

Practicing the basics and discovering the textured effects of variations and combinations is ideal. There is more to discover in the pattern!

You can easily make it unique by switching, skipping repeating, the textured sections as you wish. 

It is perfect for the knitters who have mastered the basics and are ready to challenge themselves a little more. 

Short demo videos are available in the Knitters Help to learn or refresh the how-to. 

It is essentially made as a square, with a separation to create two pans on the front that can be styled as you wish: let them fall on your chest, cross them below the neck, or add a broch to look fancier. 

The natural properties of our 100% Super Wash Merino wool provide the benefits of a natural thermo-regulation, a soft, anti-plush, hypoallergenic texture on the most sensitive skin.



Color Palette information


Which needles? In a nutshell: 

A - Aluminium - Advanced

B - Bamboo - Beginner

More info here


Pattern only? This way!


Pick the shade
  • Inside the Kit

    - 3 cakes of yarn. Just the right amount to cover up!

    - 1 tapestry needle. The small essential to weave the ends.

    - 1 cable needle. The little piece of magic to make the cable section.

    - 20 stitch markers. Never too many of those! 

    - 1 marker row counter. So useful to track your progress.

    - 1 cloth label to be sewn.

    - 2 no-iron fabric labels to add the baby's name (ideal to put on the back of the cloth label)

    - 1 little card for a keepsake or if you knit and gift! 

    Need circular needles? We've got you! Select the option and we will pack them in the kit!

    All items are stored into cotton drawstring bags. The larger one with the yarn can also be used as a wash bag to protect the item in the washing machine.

  • Care

    Good news: the Super Wash 100% Merino is machine washable! Pick the delicate or wool program, use a wool detergent, cold temperature.

    Just lay flat to dry (preferably on a towel) and VOILA!

    Gravity on wet wool is not a friend here and will cause distortions in the garment.

    For small stains, you can gently use a little bit of soap and water.

    And remember, Merino wool is a natural fiber and you don't need to wash often. Unpleasant odors can naturally fly away by simply airing out the garment for a couple of hours (weather permitting obviously!).

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